Free Installations

The Glitoris

Free | Roaming | 5 March


Alli Sebastian Wolf 

Following its shimmering Opera House debut at Amanda Palmer's recent concert, The Glitoris - a 1:100 scale model clitoris - returns to Bennelong Point to help celebrate this year's All About Women.

Sparkling its way through the foyers, the magnificent Glitoris will be accompanied by The Clitorati - three shiny ambassadors who'll introduce you to the wonders of this fabulous organ in the most pleasurable way.

Alli Sebastian Wolf is a Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist working across theatre, performance and visual art. Her work explores archetype and cultural narrative through genre-bending junkyard theatre, culture-mashing artworks, and whimsical performances.

post - History of the World (in five hours)

Free | Western Foyers | 5 March


post are Zoë Coombs Marr, Mish Grigor and Natalie Rose, a collaborative performance ensemble based in Sydney. Their work has been presented by Sydney Theatre Company, Arts House and Belvoir. Their work is often concerned with the political, and attempts to engage with issues of control, gender, identity and politics in a way that is funny, engaging, and accessible (but not always).

We’ve got five hours to write the wrongs of all time.

Turns out, history was written mostly by men. HIS. STORY.

(I know, we were shocked too)

So come sit with us for five minutes, and give us something to enter into Our New Chronicles. No topic is too big or small – from evolution to evo hair products – we want everything.

Each conversation will begin where the last one left off – a daisy chain, mapping every moment in time, or as much as we can cover in five hours. And true to 2017, we won’t be fact checking.  This is POST history for a post-truth era. We won’t be anal about these annals.

Theatre company POST are known for attempting impossible tasks – explaining the GFC without doing any research, destroying the western theatrical canon with shark puns, or living in the same hotel room for three weeks with only two-minute noodles and Mars-flavoured Pods to keep them alive.

For this year’s All About Women, they are setting up camp in the Opera House and they’re going to make herstory.

Standing Rock: Protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline

Free | Western Broadwalk | Friday 24 February - Wednesday 8 March


Celine Guiout | Photography, Visual Art

Standing Rock: Protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline is an exhibition of photographic works by Celine Guiot, comprised of images taken at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, USA. The women featured in the exhibition are part of a group of First Nations land owners protesting the planned Dakota Access Pipeline, a crude oil conduit planned for construction beneath Lake Oahe and the Missouri River, which the traditional owners of the land say will threaten their main water supply.

"Women are definitely a driving force in this massive gathering. All the women I had the chance to meet throughout my stay were incredibly optimistic about the outcome and peaceful resolution of the current situation. These women were completely unmovable in their faith." - Celine Guiout, (interview with Broadly)

Celine Guiout is a French-Caribbean/Italian photographer based in London, UK. To view her portfolio and learn more about her other projects, visit